Friday, August 22, 2014
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8/21 - Pre-season TOTAL Of The Year Analysis

 Here is what I told all my clients last night:

Every sucker and their mother is throwing their money down on the UNDER.  All the so called "experts" and the amateur bettors are saying that the Steelers defense is too good, the Eagles will play this vanilla, the number is too high.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  I love the Over in this game.  In fact I wouldn't be surprised to see eight touch-downs in this game.

First off the Eagles are for real.  This is the third pre-season game and the Eagles will open up their offense.  Let me tell you something, my scouts and sources tell me they are already clicking on all cylinders.  Maclin looks good, Foles is on point, the offensive line is deep.  Guess what?  I am also told that Mark Sanchez is on point.

The Steelers have some weapons and they will not play the typical 3 or 4 quarterbacks a majority of the fourth quarter, they want their players to get on the same page.  In addition they are PISSED at their running backs and they consider playing late in the game a punishment.

Lastly the Steelers defense is just not quite there.  Some key injuries, some aging players just has left them a little off.

I look for a 35-27 type of final!


4-1 25,000 Dime Selection:


49'ers vs. Ravens (-2.5) - Ravens CRUSH 23-3 (W)

Bucs vs. Jaguars (-2.5) - Jaguars 16-10 (W)

Packers vs. Titans (-3) Titans 20-16 (W)

Bills (+2) vs. Steelers 16-13 (L)

Browns (+2) vs. Redskins 24-23 (W)


 What a start.  4-1 on $25,000 Dime Selections!

6-2 NFL Top Bets!


25,000 Dime Selection Part 6

8/23 Saints vs. Colts 8:05 PM


 WOW, I can't believe this early information that is coming out.  This is in all in max bet.  We are 80% on our 25,000 dime selections.  We have hit top bet after top bet, but NOTHING compares to this game.  I am literally booking a flight to Vegas as I send this out.  I can't believe what I am hearing.  This is a game that bankrolls your ENTIRE NFL season.  If you are a $100 bettor you must bet $5,000!  If you bet $500 you must bet $15,000.  If you are a $1,000 bettor you must bet $25,000 on this game.   You literally will be leaving FREE money on the table if you don't place everything down here tonight.  WOW.  Let's finish with a bang.


JUST $999.95




8/22 - East meets West Part 7 (5-1)

 Mets @ Dodgers 10:10 PM


My baseball has been consistent all year and coming off the best win of the last few years last night I focus in on a play that just has great value.  This one is worth staying up late for. 


JUST $24.95



8/22 -  San Fran @ Washington 7:05


My free picks now stand at 59%, 82 Wins 59 loses, better than anyone in the business.  EVERY day, every play documented.

This is why I am the greatest of all-time.  Tonight the streak ends.  Tonight the Giants behind their veteran horse Tim Hudson, come in to Washington and beat the Nationals.  The Giants are at their best when they are facing a right handed starter.  Fister has been good this year but he has been better on the road and mostly against NL East teams.  Tonight the Giants pull one out.


 YOUR Winner is:  San Fran+


Current ONLINE Plays/Records:

Stu Feiner:


NFL Pre-Season 9-4

NFL Top Plays 7-2

NFL Totals 2-0


MLB Top Bet - 63-50


NBA TOP Bet (2014) - 82-52

8/21- The good times just keep rolling.  My pre-season total of the year goes over the number just as predicted! I now have a 7-2 top play record and just have built a massive bankroll for my clients.  The Godfather had the Eagles, was that like stealing or what?  ON top of that I hit my MLB selection and free play.  WOW.  This is going to be some year.  Get ready...


8/20- YES SIR, YES SIR!  Woooo.  When I give a game of the year you better treat it as one and STEP OUT AND SLAM IT.  The Cardianls crush the Reds 7-3 and it wasn't even that close (7-0 in the 9th).  On top of that 5th straight MONSTER winning MLB GOY my private clients got the Mets at +180 in the day as a huge winner.  Big profits, huge day.... Godfather wins again too!


8/19 - Two horrible losses make it a rare losing day.  I am not happy but what I discovered for Wednesday night is HUGE.  My biggest MLB game of the season is tonight.  MLB GAME OF THE YEAR PART 5.  I am 4-0 and have not released a play like this since June 16. 



8/18 - Well it wasn't easy but BOOM I deliver.  The Browns cover in fantastic fashion.  I now move to 4-1 on my TOP TOP plays in the pre-season and 6-2 on daily top plays.  Is that getting the job done or what?  On op of that we won a +140 baseball game and the godfather stays hot on the diamond.  WHAT A MONDAY.  I am the Monday night king for a reason.



FIVE- 10,000 Dime Game Of The Year Baseball Selections

5-0, 5-0, 5-0!


6/12 - Tigers -103 (Tigers 4-0 White Sox)

6/13 - Cardinals -110 (Cardinals 1-0 Nationals)

6/14 - Rangers +110 (Rangers 4-3 Mariners)

6/16 - Phillies +130 (Phillies 6-1 Braves)

8/20 - Cardinals -110 (Cardinals 7-3 Reds)


Howie Feiner:

NBA TOP- 54-22-1 RUN

MLB TOP - 47-43

NFL 3-1-1


Godfather Pre-Season GOY 8/21 - Write - Up

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia 7:35


Listen, I am telling you right now it is a blow-out.  I am telling you I expect the Eagles to win by at least 14 points.  Why?  They are just better.  They are younger, they are deeper, they are more explosive and they are in their building.  Do you want me to tell you how the Steelers are just not the same team as in years past?  The Steelers brass is not happy with the running backs AND let me tell you something else... Big Ben and their offensive coordinator are about to to have some serious issues.  Steelers are bad, Eagles bring their A game in the first half. Eagles win 34-17

Friday Night Lights
8/22 -  Jaguars @ Lions 7:30 PM

  I am now 10-1-1 the last two pre-seasons combined.  I give out very few plays but when I do... you can slam them!  I love this AFC/NFC show-down tonight.  Third game of the pre-season has some more juice.  I have the winner.

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