Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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FOUR - 10,000 Dime Game Of The Year Baseball Selections

4-0, 4-0, 4-0!


6/12 - Tigers -103 (Tigers 4-0 White Sox)

6/13 - Cardinals -110 (Cardinals 1-0 Nationals)

6/14 - Rangers +110 (Rangers 4-3 Mariners)

6/16 - Phillies +130 (Phillies 6-1 Braves)



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7/23- Wednesday- 1,000 Dime Selection

Orioles @ Angels 10:05 PM


    24-13 run! INFORMATION, INFORMATION, INFORMATION. I told you that I have won 11 of the last 12 years coming out of the all-star break. Well I am hitting 80% on paid action since the break.

Tonight is a first place match-up and the best game on the board.  I OWN this game.  This game will be like stealing.  How do I know?  Well I won this game last night and I will win it again tonight!

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7/23-   Padres @ Cubs 8:05 PM ET


My free picks now stand at 63%, 70 Wins 41 loses, better than anyone in the business.  EVERY day, every play documented.  What did I tell you in the All-Star game?  I told you Jeter, Trout, Cabrera and the bull-pen would lead the American league to victory and sure enough it did. 

I have now won four of my last six selections.  The Padres will get it done tonight behind a starter who is HOPING to pitch his way out of San Diego.  Ian Kennedy has been very solid this season and is the prime target of a lot of teams looking for that edge to get in the playoffs and to advance.  One home-run allowed in his pervious six starts, top 15 in the NL in strike-outs, top 20 in ERA, Ian is a good pitcher.  Ian faces a line-up tonight that just has no power and is horrible against RHP.

The Padres on the other hand we all know are very weak at the plate but they do have SOME success against south-paws.  The Padres will have an infusion of young talent as they continue to trade their major league talent.  Tonight they win in Wrigley behind their best pitcher.

 YOUR Winner is: San Diego Padres -

Current ONLINE Plays/Records:

Stu Feiner:


MLB Top Bet - 52-35


NBA TOP Bet (2014) - 82-52

7/23-  What did I tell you?  I hardly EVER lose two in a row.  I deliver a +125 Orioles team against the Angels.  That is how you bounce back.  How about the call by the godfather of the Cubs?  Was their an easier game on the board yesterday?  6-0 shutout!


7/22-  First losing day in quite some time.  Still up major money before the all-star break and after.  Tonight I get right back to my 75% winning ways with a 1000 dime selection.  The best game on the card, the game everyone wants to know who will win.  I HAVE IT.  I have it baby.  Let's roll!

7/21-  This is not groundhog day, this is coming off the all-star break with NEW SCOUTS, NEW SOURCES, NEW INFORMATION and a fevered energy to win every single day before football starts.  4 straight free pick winners (3-0 since break).  3 straight winners since all-star break (all under-dogs).  Houston Astros getting it done and scoring out.  I don't just use some -140 home team and post my record, I win and win the right way.  Units through the roof!  Let's roll!  23-12 current run.

7/20-  Wooooo!  On fire already!  ANOTHER winner last night led by my fantastic selection of the Baltimore Orioles as a road dog versus the best team in baseball and sure enough they GET IT DONE.  Free pick?  Of course another winner and that makes it three in a row.  DO NOT waste any more time.  Let's get rolling!


7/19-  Wooooo!  Back to earning, back to winning, back to being the greatest alive.  How about a +155 under-dog right out of the gate after the all-star break coming through?  How about ANOTHER free pick winner?  I am 21-12 in the last 32 games and I plan on improving that record every day here on out!  My free play record is BETTER than anyone else's paid record.  Come a long for the ride.  Give me a call to get my special pre-season NFL package along with baseball RIGHT NOW!


Howie Feiner:

NBA TOP- 54-22-1 RUN

MLB TOP - 33-31

MLB Totals - 3-0


7/23 - Godfather Selection


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