Sunday, July 27, 2014
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FOUR - 10,000 Dime Game Of The Year Baseball Selections

4-0, 4-0, 4-0!


6/12 - Tigers -103 (Tigers 4-0 White Sox)

6/13 - Cardinals -110 (Cardinals 1-0 Nationals)

6/14 - Rangers +110 (Rangers 4-3 Mariners)

6/16 - Phillies +130 (Phillies 6-1 Braves)



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7/27- AL Central Game Of The Month Part Two

Indians @ Royals 2:10 PM


    26-15 run! INFORMATION, INFORMATION, INFORMATION. I told you that I have won 11 of the last 12 years coming out of the all-star break.

Last night I told you the White Sox would crush the Twins.  Today is another game where the out-come will be decided by the 4th inning.  This game is a blow-out.  The line indicates a close game, but this will be anything but.  Pay me for an easy winner.

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7/27 -  Tigers @ Angels 3:35 PM ET


My free picks now stand at 63%, 72 Wins 43 loses, better than anyone in the business.  EVERY day, every play documented.  What did I tell you in the All-Star game?  I told you Jeter, Trout, Cabrera and the bull-pen would lead the American league to victory and sure enough it did. 

I have now won six of my last ten selections.  What a great game on this Sunday afternoon between two of the best teams in the American League.  How about the Tigers with a 31-19 record on the road?  12 games over the .500 mark away from Detroit.  The talk of the Tigers is always of their "top two" starting pitchers in Verlander and Scherzer but the man starting today's game has been fantastic all-season.  People forget that Rick Porcello was a very high rated prospect coming out of New Jersey.  He has had his ups and downs but he is now putting it all together and his 12-5 record shows that.  Hector Santiago goes for the Angels and they have moved him all around this season from the pen to the rotation back to the pen etc.  Look for the Tigers to get to him second time around the batting order.

 YOUR Winner is:  Detroit Tigers -

Current ONLINE Plays/Records:

Stu Feiner:


MLB Top Bet - 54-37


NBA TOP Bet (2014) - 82-52

7/27-  I very rarely lay a big number in MLB but when I do it is like stealing.  How about a 7-0 victory for the White Sox yesterday in my AL Central game of the month?  I would have laid any number because I knew that game was over in the third inning.  How about the godfather starting to heat up and cashing in on the Tampa Rays?  Full MLB card today and I have a play that I LOVE.  Part two of my AL Central Game Of The Month!

7/26-  Another free pick winner.  My free plays are better than anyone's paid plays on the internet.  Today the godfather and myself both have big time games.  I have a game in the AL Central that I am all over while my father has a classic AL East show-down.  Keep building and building leading us to the best football season of your life.


7/25-  Did I tell you that I almost NEVER lose two in a row?  Did I tell you this game would be a rout?  How about the Padres scoring double-digit runs and pounding the Cubs 13-3.  THOSE are the type of games you can find with your source.  I just keep getting it done.  Tonight I have a 10,000 dime selection in play that can make your MONTH!  Let's roll.

7/24-  Free selection delivers with the Padres but other-wise a rare losing night.  A few tough beats but will that slow us down?  Not a chance, does that effect our bankroll?  Not at all.  Tonight we roll forward and tonight I am putting a private play online after yesterday's tough loss.  I ALMOST NEVER lose two in a row so the best night to buy is tonight.  Let's roll!

7/23-  What did I tell you?  I hardly EVER lose two in a row.  I deliver a +125 Orioles team against the Angels.  That is how you bounce back.  How about the call by the godfather of the Cubs?  Was their an easier game on the board yesterday?  6-0 shutout!


Howie Feiner:

NBA TOP- 54-22-1 RUN

MLB TOP - 34-33

MLB Totals - 3-1


7/27 - Godfather Selection
  Dodgers @ Giants 8:07 EST


  NL West show-down tonight and I own it.

My record says .500 but of course as you know I use may under-dogs and we are still profitable.  Right now though I have fired a few sources and scouts and I have taken over a lot of their duties.  It is time for me to go on a classic 10-1 run.  I am 1-0 since the firing of some of my staff.


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